As a relatively new corporate entrant to the seismic processing market, established in 2017, Headwaters Seismic Processing is a boutique company, specialized in time imaging from datasets around the globe. Our approach is client-focussed, and we strive to make your processing project transparent and collaborative from the initial start-up meeting, through to the final deliverables.  The company has been designed to be highly scalable and responsive to the needs of the marketplace, affording an element of cost awareness into the structure of the company allowing us to be competitive on all projects.

Headwaters’ greatest strength rests in our processing staff: our people are highly experienced in processing 2D and 3D datasets from virtually every petroleum basin in the world, with a strong emphasis on onshore seismic.

Jason Noble, President, has been dedicated to the advancement of processing techniques for over 25 years. In his years prior to Headwaters, Jason has gained extensive experience in onshore seismic techniques through his years at Kelman (Processing Supervisor), Arcis (Processing Supervisor), Edge Technologies (President) and Geomage Canada (President). Jason’s strengths lie in his vast working knowledge of advanced processing techniques that have been successfully deployed on datasets worldwide.